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SMK International is a trading company that has been exporting clothing to European markets ranging from woven shirts, blouse and pants. For the woven garments, our mens' shirts are the
most popular item in the markets.

Since 1994, SMK International earned five million dollars in
1999, ten million dollars in 2001, 20 million dollars in 2004 and

35 million dollars in 2008. Even in the midst of numerous changes in the markets in the 21st century, the company
achieved sustained growth as it carried out market diversification. At present, the company is marching towards to fulfill 50 million dollar-export in 2015 and 100 million dollar-export in 2020.

We have been working with a large distribution company in Germany and also some high-end brands in other European countries as Italy, Spain, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. SMK International has been gaining its popularity ever since the first business with those key customers because we have treated them with trust and the best quality.

With the production base located in Vietnam and Myanmar, SMK International has been running the factory in Vietnam
for the last 18 years in association with the government while in 2000, secured a stabilized production line in Myanmar
by making a field investment as well as expanding the line in 2004 and 2010. In 2012, we built a second factory in
Myanmar to satisfy needs of the customers in a more efficient way.

Not only that, in 2008, as a part of SMK business diversification project, a subsidiary Dogok Espanol was open based
on long-time accumulated knowhow on clothing export to Spanish buyers such as Elcorte Ingles, Cortefiel, Spring field
and Inditex (Zara). Dogok Espanol is a company that runs a Spanish restaurant ELOLIVO and a wine import agency
BODEGA, introducing Spanish culture and cuisine to Korea.

SMK International was and is still now doing its utmost for the development of fiber/clothing industry. We assure you
that we will grow into the No. 1 clothing export company in Korea as we keep cultivating global personnel who works
with care for others. We will never let you down but continuously win your trust as we will be not afraid of creating a new item and making challenges.

Thank you.

  • Sincerely yours, CEO HARRY Kim